12 April 2006

Oops, I Dropped My Infant on His Head Again

Britney Spear's infant son, Sean Preston (pictured), is a perfect example of the type of kid who you will know was dropped on his head as a baby, once he gets a little older. This is, most likely, because SPS was, literally, dropped on his head, suffering a skull fracture. As fucked up as this may be, I know none of you can be surprised by news like this in the slightest. That poor kid never had an effing chance.

Evidently, he "fell" out of his high chair a few days ago, and was "sleeping more than usual" which prompted Britney to "realize" maybe "she" ought to "take him to a doctor"... SEVERAL DAYS after he "fell" from the "chair."

BritBrit and KFed were questioned by coppers after their son's injuries were diagnosed, but naturally, police will be taking no action against them. I guess gross negligence and child endangerment charges in repeated instances (lest we forget the recent "my baby don't need no car seat" incident) don't apply when you've graced the world with hits like "Slave 4 U."

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