24 May 2006

Personally, I'd Go with "Toby"

It's not enough that "Brangelina" (I cringe every time I type that. Every. Fucking. Time.) are continuing this whole "we are the philandering world" tour to prove that they're better than us by living in Africa while also being impossibly hot. No, just to take it one step farther, those two have asked the Namibian Governor Samuel ("Samuel"? The fucking governor of fucking Namibia is named "Samuel"?) Nuuyoma (ah, there it is) to pick a name for their unborn kid. No, seriously:

"'When she goes to the hospital, as the father of the region, I will be informed and I will go there,' he said to Britain's Daily Mirror.

'I will announce the good news and I will be naming the baby.'"

So there you have it, kids. [Tounge-click Tongue-click] Jolie-Pitt is set to make his debut sooner than... well, sooner than you can make three whole tongue-clicks. Those Namibian AIDS orphans are gonna be sooooo jealous that [Tongue-click Tongue-click] was named by the Governor. But, at least the jealousy will distract them from the huge bummer of being an AIDS orphan, momentarily. And for that reason alone, I have to confess: Yes, I do believe in angels!

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