08 March 2006

Um. Hey.

Yeah... So like, what's up? In the unlikely event any of you are dutiful enough to still be reading this poor excuse for a blog, I figured it was worth letting you know I didn't go with Plan A (you know, the one with the gold-plated blow dryer and the bathtub full of champagne) just yet, and I am still alive and twitching. That new job I mentioned has had me working 55 hours-- in a light week, meaning I am extremely pressed for time to do things like binge drink, regular drink, go to cockfights and blog. So, obviously, one of those things had to go, as a consequence. (Guess which one.)

But LTNA isn't dead once and for all, friend. (Somehow I suspect I am back down to that one lonely, loyal reader after my lengthy absence.) It's just not going to be daily any more. Most likely, it won't even be weekly. Sorry. I'm sure you guys are over it already, since I fucked off for a month already-- with not so much as a phone call! In any event, if you really are super bored three or four years from now, it might be worth checking out good ol' LTNA. There might even be an update by then.


Dabbler said...

Welcome back, babe.

Anonymous said...

Sofa King Awesome. I can't wait to read about the next big, uh, whatever. Keep up the funny work,

G. Lewis