23 January 2006

First Person, Singular

I'm done with the "we" thing, loyal readers. You see, when I started this blog, I was extremely worried about the, shall I say, "frank" nature of my appraisal of Hollywood and celebrities when I considered where I work (i.e. in Hollywood repping celebrities). Indeed, my shit-talking has often stepped on the toes of clients of my current place of employment-- starting with my very first post (I have now given far too many hints), so it could and perhaps should have gotten me fired by now. Thus, my so-called anonymity remained precious-- a code uncrackable by even the smartest of retarded monkeys! Use of the editorial "we" was my fail-safe in case I was outed. I could always claim there was more than one person editing this thing if it ever came into question. Ultimately, I've realized that I'm flattering myself to think that this blog is relevant enough to get me fired from Burger King, let alone from ------- ------ ------, considering my outright insolence toward my boss has not.

But, in truth, this change isn't really the result of that realization, as I had the realization some time ago. Actually, I am moving on to a new job, and have severe hubris which has intensified with each hour that has passed since giving my notice last week. I've even considered wearing a shirt to work that says "If you think I didn't give a shit before..." I should note, I would not wear this shirt only once. I would wear it every day for my last two weeks. Also, I wouldn't shower. And also, I'd be drunk. Sloppy drunk.

So yeah, new frontiers and all that. It's very easy to be excited about a new job when you haven't figured out how it sucks yet, so I'm enjoying that, at the moment. The best news of all is simply that there is no possible way I can hate it more than I hate my current job, so worst case scenario means I'll be hating a new job equally but for different reasons. Hooray for working your way up!

And yes, the new job is still in "the industry" so I will still have to watch my mouth (so to speak) and preserve my farcical anonymity. But, at least we can say goodbye to the "we" deal. Believe it or not, I liked it even less than you did.

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