09 August 2005

This Blog Sucks

We're just saying. We figured we'd let you know from the first post that there are certainly better things to do with your time. You know, keep things honest from the start. Poetry, meth, community service, ice sculpture, perusing better (read: any other) blogs which feature the perfect balance of wit and snark, hiking, bukkake, kabuki: These are all more worthy of your time. (We would've gone with a rousing game of Edward 40-hands.) In fact, if you're reading this blog, we really don't even know what to tell you, other than the nebulous, albeit universally applicable, "get your life together."

We kid, dear reader. Granted, we do tend to make a sport of alienating friends, family, acquaintances and lovers at breakneck speed. But, not you. We started this blog for someone to read it, even if you are the only one (it can be like our little secret, you beloved, faceless cherub!). We even agonized over what to call it, our fervor heightened by the Blogger set-up tool rejecting our first four or so chosen names. Still, in that spirit of honesty which we mentioned earlier, we must confess this title seems appropriate, and consistent with what we intend this web-log to be.

"Little to No Appeal." It's straightforward, and certain to elicit a slight chuckle the first time you hear it, and then lose appeal (see the self reflection?), each time after. The posts will be in the same vein, in that we hope they will be mildly amusing for the first few days or weeks. But as time wears on, you, our beloved reader, will discover that this blog is not a worthy timewaster after all, and we will be posting into the void. Which is fine. We already talk to ourselves (hence our love of the editorial "we"-- it helps complete the illusion of a multi-partied conversation), so this is just a new, postmodern approach. The very idea of writing a blog is very self-congratulatory to us, in that it assumes that anything we have to say is worthy of your beautiful eyes, reader. For now though, we will bask in the glory of your attentions, however briefly.

In this short time we have together, you may be wondering what this blog is going to discuss in the future, other than its own dubious existence. This is not set in stone, but will most likely tend toward fluff news pieces. You know, Terry Schiavo and the like (too soon?). But, inevitably, we will probably post mainly about things relating to Hollywood, because we do live in L.A. and work in a place where company email "Re:" lines say things like "What new projects can we develop for Danny Bonaduce?" Our suggestion of a one episode game show called "Arsenic or a .45" didn't go over too well, even though we promised that Mr. Bonaduce would win.

But, we feel that we're overstaying our welcome, precious reader. So, we will take our leave, until you come back to us tomorrow (tell us we at least have that long together!). We shall spend the rest of our morning shivering and rocking slowly in the fetal position, now that you have left our warm embrace.


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This simply cannot end well.

-- Rick