01 July 2009

No Sir, I Assure You I Am Not Going to "Love [Your] Nuts"

You may already know that the ShamWow Guy is also the Slap Chop Guy-- not to mention that he's everyone's favorite hooker-Slap Chopping enthusiast. Well, that fucking Slap Chop commercial just came on NatGeo HD and weirded me out anew, so I decided to share the suffering. I mean, I was just talking about that dipshit, after all.

Oh yes, it was the long version, so you're going to get three minutes and change of Vince's nut-Slapping intensity and cryptic orders to "stop having a boring life." Maybe I should start assaulting prostitutes to spice things up, too.

OR...Slap Chop™!

He also demonstrates how easy it is to Slap together standard breakfast fare (you know, hard boiled egg, pickle, green onion plus a pinch of ham, pounded like an unruly whore-- I mean, Slap Chopped-- into a fine paste, just like no one ever used to ever make™ ever), because "YOU DON'T HAVE TIME FOR BREAKFAST." 

Here you go, sweetums. An oldie but creepy, just for you. 

After watching this again, I think I need an adult.

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