30 November 2007

Called It

Just a little time waster for your Friday afternoon, when the work day just can't end quickly enough. I mentioned we'd probably see some more fun writers' strike-inspired videos, considering the latest developments in the negotiations. And, here's a new one, right on schedule: Check out this one from Late Night Underground, with an important message from Conan O'Brien. I particularly enjoyed Conan's rugged look from his "strike beard," which I've heard a few of the Late Night writers have been growing since the work stoppage began. It's especially cool since everyone knows Consie can't grow facial hair, and he quite clearly had to glue his pubes to his face for this bit. Way to be committed to the joke, Conan. You truly are the master.

As a former
Late Night intern, I have to say this strike site has been extra fun for me, as a lot of the writers and staffers I know are featured in the videos, and seem to have been making the best they can of times... Until now, at least, when all Late Night staff were laid off as of the end of business today, because of the strike. *Sigh* Hang in there chippies! We're all hoping this will be over soon.

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