27 November 2007

Lord Emperor Google Is Benevolent

Well, Google has done something else, and I'm sure the IT sect is going gaga over Google's latest announcement. In their continued acts of apparent kindness and innovation (and what I believe is really a strategic and calculated effort to catalog and index the entire fucking world and ultimately enslave mankind), Google is poised to offer free online data storage within the next few months.

Documents and information you would normally want to keep on your hard drive like music, photos, and you know,
personal health* and financial records can now be put into Google's virtual hands, instead. Don't worry, they'll keep it niiiiiiice and safe for you-- and for free too! You know you were probably just going to lose it anyway. It's basically Chairman Google's way of extending the 2.8 gigs of storage already offered to Gmail users, to encourage the remaining skeptics to surrender to their will, or face the consequences. Naturally, "consequences" simply means inferior data storage options!

*By the way, Google's cryptically named "Weaver" is already their first step in weeding out the weaklings so only the mighty will fill their army ranks when the robot war comes cataloging our health records.

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Teresa said...

I'm sure google is scanning this message, but seriously, they are trying to control the world! I may be biased because my company's recent run-in with the Almighty Google, but their rate of growth is somewhat alarming.

95% of internet users use google! So basically everyone, and we let them get away with it.

People rarely type in URL and instead type it into the google search box and then go to the site.