30 November 2007

Strike Two

It looks like the second attempt at settling the WGA/AMPTP negotiations has not succeeded, and talks are "on hold" again. This round only lasted four days, after the three weeks of mutual silent treatment between the writers and producers during the beginning of the strike.

Basically, the AMPTP is still trying to fleece the writers and give them an absurdly shitty deal on "new media" (you know, since the Internets just came out, and all), and the dorks seem pretty committed to standing up for themselves. I guess for many of the writers it's the familiar playground dynamic of Roger the Schoolyard Bully taking their orthopedic shoe money all over again, but this time they've got a little more self esteem. And lawyers.

On the plus side, I guess we can expect some more amusing videos to come out on that trusty new fangled intranet media communications system I heard about.

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