06 December 2007

Don't Drop the Soap

It looks like Kiefer Sutherland really is going to the slammer for his latest DUI, which he got in September. Surprisingly, he doesn't seem to be taking it like a fucking bitch, and checked into a California jail last night, right after he received his 48 day sentence.

On the one hand, this does make him seem kind of cool for deciding to man up and just take his punishment, rather than pull the celebrity card. On the other hand, the celebrity card is in its own stratosphere of bullshit and shouldn't exist in the first place. This is simply an instance of (apparently) equal treatment under the law, regardless of wealth or fame. I hardly see how things happening the way they always ought to is worthy of applause, but a lot of people seem to be reacting that way. I guess we're just so used to seeing stars get away with murder-- literally-- people are happy to see a smidge of justice.

I don't give a shit about 24, but in case you're a fan, 24 won't be affected by Kiefer's stint in the clink, mostly because of the writers' strike. The strike put the season premiere on hold, and since they'd only shot 8 episodes before pushing the season start date and halting production, Kiefer's term will be completed and his anus should be fully healed before shooting resumes. Yay.

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