04 December 2007

John C. Reilly to Embrace the Cox Inside Him

To promote the upcoming flick Walk Hard, Columbia is having John C. Reilly tour as his character from the movie, Dewey Cox. This is pretty much the same exact technique that Columbia used with Will Ferrell, when he was making the rounds for Talladega Nights, which of course featured Reilly as his co-star. Sacha Baron Cohen also did this when he did the entire Borat press junket in character. I guess this ultra meta marketing technique worked so well they've decided to run the gag into the ground.

This time though, the farce will be even more involved, since "Dewey" will actually be performing live with the film's band, the Hard Walkers, in the "Cox Across America Tour," beginning tomorrow at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.

I'm kind of looking forward to seeing this movie. JC has proven his comedic chops as a second banana in film roles, and he's definitely the funniest character, Dr. Steve Brule, on Tim and Eric Awesome Show Great Job! [Sorry T&E, I love you guys but TGTTM was a much better show. (And Johnny Cakes Reilly also makes an appearence in the "Alliance" episode of Tom, fyi.)] So, it should be nice to finally see him "toplining," as we say in the biz. In the biz, we also say "biz," instead of "showbusiness," but it's just because we're too busy adjusting our Bluetooth headsets, abusing our assistants and doing blow for the extra syllables.

Anyway, speaking of my second favorite fictional doctor, Steve Brule-- the first, of course, is Dr. Spaceman-- here's a clip. Enjoy!

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