17 December 2007

Leno Resolves to Be Lamer Than Ever in '08

It looks like we'll be back in the Cone Zone by January 2nd, since Late Night with Conan O'Brien will be returning to the air, whether the writers' strike is over by then (it won't be), or not. In case you're 60 (congratulations on learning how to "surf the internets"), and therefore have no idea what real comedy is, Jay Leno's piece of shit show will be back on too. NBC made the announcement yesterday.

No one is really sure what the shows are going to be like without writers, but the executive producers of both have faith in their hosts. I agree that if anyone can pull it off, it's Conan. As for Leno, I can't imagine that show sucking any more than it already does, but I guess we're going to see it happen pretty soon.

The stigma and hecklers Carson Daley faced when his show came back prior to the strike ending is unlikely to be a problem for Conan and Leno, since they've been paying staffers out of their own pockets after everyone was laid off. Essentially, people realize that they need to put their shows back on because non-writers need their jobs back. Granted, the writers need their jobs too, but I think it's fair to assume they're able to stick things out a bit longer than, say, an assistant audience coordinator.

Letterman is trying to get back on the air too, but he's trying to do it with his writing staff, and is requesting an interim agreement from the Writers Guild. Yeah fucking right, Dave.

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