22 June 2006

Another Doherty Post. Deal with It.

Look, you're just going to have to put up with me doing two Pete Doherty posts inside of one week, because he's simply the greatest fuck-up since Ozzy in his glory days. And, unlike Ozzy, he's clearly not done yet. Besides, it's my blog, and I'll run it into the ground (even more) if I want to.

Despite the still ongoing nature of Pete's tomfoolery, it seems that his diary is going to be published. I suppose anything that happens after this diary's publication simply means we get to look forward to a sequel.

As much as I can't wait to read this shit, I'm pretty surprised that he found time in his busy skagg shooting schedule to write in a fucking diary with any regularity. (I know! What a pussy!) Still, I'm happy to read the inevitably incoherent ramblings of Doherty, spanning from his time in The Libertines, up through and beyond his time dating Kate Moss. Hopefully, he was still clever enough in his drug-induced haze to protect her privacy with an indecipherable alias, along the lines of "Kate M." Or, perhaps he came up with an even tougher code to crack, calling her something like "K. Moss," instead.

In any event, I recommend this book become mandatory reading material for all youth drug prevention programs. Hell, if I were running a D.A.R.E. program, I wouldn't even need his book. I'd just put up any old picture of Pete on the wall, with a sign underneath that said "Don't let this happen to you." That would scare the kids straight, for sure... Of course, I would probably get really stoned in the teacher's lounge, forget my original intent, and would instead make a sign for the photo that said "Pete Doherty D.A.R.E.s you to rock!" with a bunch of smiley faces and rainbows, because I would think it was funny.

Gosh. I'm a total a-hole, even in my imagination.


Teresa said...

I swear to god in Beauty Bar last nite I thought I saw Pete. Then i realized that with all of his jail probs, there was no way they let him spread to the US.
Apparently he's here in spirit, he's like a new trend possibly to be called "Doherty Drunkness" or something of the like.

LTNA said...

Perhaps we can convert his name to an adjective, and coin it to be used interchangably with "shitfaced."

Por ejemplo, "Dude, I got so dohertied at the Little Joy last night I woke up spooning a homeless guy!"