15 June 2006

Best. Parenting. Ever.

Copied and pasted from Atlanta's Action 2 News website:

Police Say Parents Give Kids Pot For Good Behavior

POSTED: 6:59 am EDT June 12, 2006
It's the case of the alleged Arizona pot parents.

Police in Chandler charge Toni and Aaron Carlson rewarded their sons with marijuana for good behavior. A police spokesman says they got a tip that the boys' mother, 31-year-old Toni Lynn Carlson and their stepfather, 23-year-old Aaron Carlson, were supplying the boys with marijuana.

Police that allege the also couple smoked pot with the boys. Police said the boys, ages 12 and 11, and a 4-year-old girl, are now in the care of a family member. Officers report they were investigating tips from a neighbor about the possible use and sale of drugs at the home. But investigators said they didn't know about the family pot smoking until the parents and their kids were interviewed.

A transcript of the police interview in which the family inadvertently incriminated themselves has also been released:

Coppers: Are you guys selling pot outta here?

The Dad: Like, no way, ossifer. That's illegal, dude. (winks at cop)

Copper: (beat) Are you high right now?

The Dad: Maybe a little bit from this morning... It was my son's idea.

Copper: What?

The Dad: Well, he did get a B on his math test, and all.

Copper: You smoke out your son as a reward?

The Dad: Like, yeah. Man. (beat) I mean, "no"?

I wish these people were my parents. Somehow, it not nearly as cool when your dad is smoking dope and doing rails off a hooker's ass, when he doesn't bother to invite you "because it's a school night." Prick.

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