05 June 2006

HBO Slightly Less Cunty

All you Deadwood fans should be happy to hear this. It turns out that all that business about the upcoming third season being the last is only sort of true, after all. HBO has given creator David Milch the go-ahead to make two two-hour movies following the third season, in order to wrap up all the loose ends (i.e. exactly who is and who isn't a "fucking cocksucker"), in the series.

Personally, I'm not really crazy about Deadwood. It sort of seems like HBO enthusiasts are divided into camps of die-hard Sopranos fans, and Deadwood-loving cunts. Mind you, I call you guys "cunts" with the utmost love and respect. (Not really.) Nonetheless, I fall into the former category, as you might have guessed, and am all about the Jersey saga that is The Sopranos. I'm not even going to acknowledge people who are way, way into Entourage.

Still though, I do enjoy me some Ian McShane. More to the point, I enjoy the drinking game I invented wherein every time there's a curse word on the show, I get to take a drink. If you've ever seen Deadwood, you can imagine that this is an extremely efficient method of getting sauced. It's also a great game because you can play it alone. Sometimes I'll play it without even watching Deadwood, or any TV show at all, just sitting in the dark in my apartment. No, it's not sad.

Oh, and here's a tip: This game also works equally well with Rome; however, instead of drinking for every swear, you drink for every time you're bored out of your mind. It's not TV, it's an excuse to black out.

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