19 July 2006

Janet Jackson Makes Awesome Decisions

Janet Jackson is holding a contest to let her fans design and then decide what the cover of her new album, 20 Years Old will look like. You can submit and vote on submissions here.

I've spent an embarrassingly large amount of my day going through the various submissions, and I have to tell you guys I simply cannot get over how great they all are. I mean, 70% of the designs are solid gold! I've posted a few of my personal faves out of the first 300 or so I've seen below.

Like this first one. It's especially great if the statement JJ wants her album cover's photo to make is "vaguely familiar-looking lesbian who might be that that chick we saw at Part-time Punks last week."

On the other hand, this one is a clear frontrunner in it's own right, considering the recent reports that Janet is thinking of changing the album title from 20 Years Old to What the Fuck Is That Shit Supposed to Be?

This next one is great for our friends over in the Land of the Rising Sun. Those two "X"s (or are they infinity symbols?) scribbled childishly in the lower right corner must be Roman numerals for "awesome." Ah so!

I'll be shocked-- shocked I say-- if Janet doesn't take this on! (Get it?) It just screams "not amateur!"

Then again, if the motif Janet's really looking for is "website from 1990," she'd be a fool to pass on a gem like this.

Or this!

But as I looked through more submissions, the clear winner emerged:

This one is simply like no album cover ever released before. I can't wait to see it plastered across billboards on Sunset when the album drops in September. Hooray for prostituting spec designers!

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