18 July 2006

Oprah Likes a Full Bush

"Oprah Winfrey Says She Is Not Gay" has to be one of the funniest headlines ever.

I mean, despite the picture at left, where she looks like a textbook BD, I've never really thought Oprah was gay before. You know, sort of like how I never really thought Satan was gay (at least, not until
South Park suggested it). It just never crossed my mind that she would take her attentions away from world domination to think about poontang.

It's also amusing to me that she has to do the whole "I don't lick carpet-- not that there's anything wrong with that" tour, simply because she seems to be abnormally close to her BFF, Gayle King. But, I guess none of us can ignore the hard evidence: You can't spell "Gayle" without G-A-Y.


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