19 January 2006

Brad Renfro on Drugs, Beginning to Resemble Ben Affleck, Scarily

Most of us remember Brad Renfro's hilarious boat-stealing antics of yore, but if you saw any recent issues of the L.A. Weekly, you know far too well that that shithead still has not gotten his act together. Indeed, he is the Corey Haim for a new generation, getting pinched for trying to score some H on Skid Row.

he's pleading not guilty, and his lawyer says "He's looking forward to resolving it all as soon as possible so he can get back to acting." His attorney failed to comment on the follow up question "Are you fucking kidding me? When the fuck was the last time Brad fucking Renfro was in a fucking movie? And no, soft-core porn doesn't count."

Seeing how fucked up Renfro's life is can be quite the boost to one's own self esteem. The fact that he had to go to Skid Row to score is pretty goddamned pathetic. At least we have friends (shout out, Treyvon!) who are more than happy to sell us some black tar or fine china, as the case may be. What kind of loser doesn't have friends who will sell him drugs in the comfort of a shady apartment in Culver City?

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