04 January 2006

Sad and Lonely, Sad and Lonely

It comes as a surprise to no one that David Lee Roth's debut yesterday on WXRK, Howard Stern's former home, totally sucked. He didn't talk about sex, drugs, bitches, tricks or whores. Instead, he talked about what he orders at McDonald's and made some lame Eddie Van Halen quips. Let's face it, the David Lee Roths, Corey Feldmans and Brad Renfros of the world are a complete waste of everyone's time if they aren't coked-up as fuck and drunk as shit.

Adam Corolla did a bit better here on the west si-yeed, on account of the fact he has...what's that stuff? Oh, yeah, experience. (Yes, apparently Loveline counts.) In any case, Joel Hollander, Tom Chiusano and all the rest were right to be freaked about replacing Howard Stern, because evidently, Howard can't be replaced. Let's start a pool on how soon it will be before Diamond David Lee Roth calls it quits/ gets shitcanned. We've got a dub saying it's on or before February 6th. Who wants in on this action?

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