25 January 2006

If You Thought BET Was the Worst Thing You'd Ever Seen...

In an effort to reach new heights in poorly written and racially retrogressive programming, The WB and UPN have joined forces to create a new network, to be called "CW."

Once the mandatory brass knuckles are distributed, the network will air shows that are currently direct competitors on one unified network. (Sweet! No more choosing between Girlfriends and Reba!) The idea here is that this union will allow the two laughing stocks of network television to have the cache of all the, shall we say, "real" networks like CBS, ABC, Fox and NBC.

Although, considering NBC is going down the toilet with astonishing efficiency, their spot as one of the "big four" is increasingly tenuous with each new set of overnights and fast nationals. Once they leave it, CW will be sure to pull up quick and retrieve it, with such quality programming as Black Joey and My Name Is Black Earl. Yeeeeeeeeaaaaaaah boyeeeeeeeeeeee!!!

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