03 January 2006

We Apologize for Nothing

So, it appears we were kind of lying in our last post, which inadvertently ended up being our final post of 2005. What can we say? The appeal of slopping around and watching approximately 10 hours of Degrassi per day was a much better way to spend our vacation than, say, penning pointless posts. The title of this blog never felt more apt until we weighed the appeal of coming up with cheeky ways to call Courtney Love a drugged-up slut-bag, against having another Boddingtons. So. There you have it.

In any case, we're back at our square job, and managed to catch up on our two weeks of work missed in about half an hour, so you can officially consider LTNA back. Officially. And now, we're off to look for sources to provide you with the same third-hand news you've come here for since 2005. Let's have a less suicidal happy new year!

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