05 January 2006

Paris Hilton? Dishonest? The Hell You Say!

Continuing in today's vein of non-shockers, Paris Hilton is a lying bitch. The story itself isn't really that interesting. It deals with a lot of she said/she said between Paris Hilton and Paris' Latsis' ex-girlfriend. The gist is just that the skanks had a run-in in some club, and Paris planted some story in Page Six months ago that made Paris 2's ex look like the jealous slut she probably is. Now, they're saying Paris lied under oath by denying she had anything to do with planting the libelous gossip in The Post, which contradicts the testimony of Paris' former publicist who insists she had him take dictation of exactly what was to be planted in the paper.

Or something. The point is, there's a sliver of a chance Paris Hilton will finally get her cumuppance (spell check?). Just don't get your hopes up too much, though. If we've learned anything from Tom Cruise, Robert Blake or O.J. Simpson, pesky things like "laws" simply don't apply to crimes against humanity, or even the classic crimes like murder, respectively-- as long as they're committed by the wealthy and/or famous. God bless America.

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