06 January 2006

Okay, Okay. Maybe Just a Couple More Wire Hangers...

The New York Daily News has taken Lindsay Lohan's recent admittal of drug use and disordered eating as an opportunity to compile a rolodex of the worst stage-mothers and fathers ever.

They start off with Hohan's "mother," who brushes off Lindsay's fucked-upedness as "not as bad as it looked." ("Looked"? As in, past tense? 'Cause, last time we saw a picture of Hohan, things were still topping the charts on the Benny Scale...)

Then, the article moves on and we get a little taste of everyone from the Barrymores to the Federlines. Naturally, Joan Crawford had to be included in this directory of the pitfalls of celebrity procreation. Still, they'd better leave the annals open until Paris Hilton finally gets around squeezing out a few bastards. Those kids are guaranteed to be fucked up enough to make Joe Jackson look like a good father, by comparison.

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Assistant Atlas said...

Yes! The Benny Scale! I'm so glad you're hooked on coke.

Cokehead- Diary of a London Cokehead is what I meant