12 January 2006

Lindsay Lohan Should Have Been a Stripper

According to Kate Moss, that is. Page Six reports that the two ski slope-enthusiasts went to the infamous New York strip club, Scores, around 3 a.m. yesterday morning. Tons of beer, vodka shots and raspberry kamikazes (which sounds like the gayest drink ever) flowed-- of course, we're sure those were Shirley Temples the underage Lindsay Lohan was pounding.

Fueled by the alcoholic overconfidence we know far too well, Kate jumped up on the stage and started riding the pole, gyrating, etc. After a while, Lindsay joined her. Keep your pants on, spanky. Neither one of them got nekkid.

However, James Erdstrom, a stalkerazzi was a witness, and says the two made "frequent trips to the bathroom" (a-doy). On one of Kate's trips to the loo to powder her nose solo, she shouted at Hohan who was still onstage "You're a pro, Lindsay! You should do this for a living!" Well, someone was bound to say it at some point.

It's nice to see that Lindsay is dealing with the wholly untrue Vanity Fair article coming out, that has her so upset. You know, the one that talks about her drug use, bulimia and partying. Indeed, the best retort is to go to a strip club and get drunk as shit, dance on the stage and be totally obvious about the fact that you're completely blown. That'll show 'em, Linds.

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Anonymous said...

Where are the photos? That is the type of shit Cellcams are made for.

-G. Lewis