18 January 2006

Apple to Develop Cell Phone, Estimated MSRP $749

While Motorola is still smarting from the Rokr/ Nano debacle of a few months ago, Apple has been plotting the latest "dirty Goulet" (why yes, it is similar to a dirty sanchez!) sneak attack on the titans of the cell phone industry.

To wit, it seems more likely than ever that an "iPhone" is in the works. Word on the street is Apple is going with the less obvious, yet significantly more gay, "Mobile Me" as the name for their line of wireless devices. Their applications are already in at the U.S. Patent and Trade Offices, and it looks like they're developing some kind of blackberry slash music phone hybrid to try to put everyone else out of business. Well, at least until Google decides to start making cell phones. Free cell phones.

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Assistant Atlas said...

Automatic 10 awesome points for the phrase: "why yes, it is similar to a dirty sanchez."