09 January 2006

Have We Mentioned That We Really Like Howard Stern Yet?

Hey now! And so it begins: Howard Stern, uncensored. Today was the first broadcast of The (New) Howard Stern Show on Sirius Satellite Radio. True to form, we forced our eyes open to fumble clumsily in the dark for our stereo remote control at 2:59 this morning, to tune into the live east coast feed of this monumentous event. Riddled with technical difficulties (we wouldn't have it any other way), the show got off to a rocky start. But, the hype surrounding this day left Stern and the crew fumbling a bit themselves, as they were both ecstatic and bewildered at the fact that it's finally really, really happening.

The Chicago Tribune says the first show was crap, but we disagree. We've never even heard of that "paper" anyway; more to the point, we cannot deny our judgment is clouded by the fact that we're borderline superfans. In any event, we don't hesitate to acknowledge that there were some pacing and structure problems today, but it's mostly because there was too much to say and get to, rather than too little-- including a phony proclamation that Howard had finally made an honest woman out of Beth O. (alright, we confess, we believed him for a minute.)

You can read more about the first show here, and a full rundown should be up in a few hours. A couple of our favorite hilights are Howard Stern calling Martha Stewart's daughter "cunty" and having Artie proposition George Takei for anal. To think that it's only going to get better, once they find their stride. Damn, it's good to have them back.

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