16 December 2005


For us, today is a pretty big deal. It's the last day we have to toil in this urine soaked hell-hole of a job (until January, at least). But, much more importantly, it marked the last broadcast of The Howard Stern Show on terrestrial radio. There was a massive turnout at the parade held outside the Howard Stern Building which houses WXRK (K-ROCK, New York), Howard's old station, this morning.

We have to say we're psyched for his career on Sirius Satellite Radio to begin January 9th, complete with "the c-word." But, having listened to Howard since we were 13 years old, we have to admit even our frozen heart began to melt a little, during today's broadcast. We actually woke up at 3 a.m. to hear the live east coast feed, which reminds us: Where is that goddamn intern with our coffee?! Nevertheless, it was worth it just to hear Artie totally shitfaced on Jack Daniel's Single-Barrel before the sun was even up.

In any event, we just wanted to acknowledge the end of a very important era in radio, and moreover, in comedy. A caller this week shared a sentiment that we have felt as long as we've been listening to the show, which is that Howard is rarely recognized for his accomplishments as a great comedian. Howard Stern is much more than a "shock jock," as the obnoxious epithet used by so many media-types implies-- and he'll be the first to tell you so.

Just before Howard spoke at the rally this morning, Robin said in her own farewell speech that she's spent this morning like the last twenty years: Waiting to see what Howard has to say. Then, she added that she can't wait to spend the next five years, still waiting to see what Howard has to say. We couldn't have said it better ourselves (which is why we didn't try to).

So, even if you're not a fan of Howard, if you're a fan of comedy, take a shot from that flask in your bottom desk drawer today. It's a celebration, bitches.

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