20 December 2005

LTNA Throws a Freakin' Bone

So, um yeah... Sorry about the complete lack of posting yesterday, folks. Our place of work closed for the holidays on Friday, and we found it extra hard to give a shit about Britney Spears suing over a sex tape when we were able to start getting shitfaced on mojitos as early as noon, yesterday. Hooray for the holidays!

Nevertheless, LTNA will continue to be updated sporadically through the end of this week, when all you chumps who are still working finally get your holiday breaks. For the record, we're posting this from a public library, so none of youse can accuse us of not caring at all. (FYI, Our home internet connection is extremely unreliable, as for us "home internet connection" means stealing it wirelessly from our neighbors upstairs). It's just that we just don't care that much.

So now, we're off to look for something in the news to make fun of. We'll come back later. And by "later," we mean any time between one hour and this Friday. And for those of you reading this at work (i.e., all of you), take some solace in the fact that you just killed another, oh, minute and a half reading this pseudo-post. Zoooooooooom!

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