26 August 2005

Hollywood Sucks

Tinsel Town is set to ruin another good thing before its time. (Jaysus-- did we just lede with "Tinsel Town"?) Steve Carell, who we have liked since The Daily Show and loved since Anchorman, is one the fast-track to overexposure and career sabotage by starring in the sequel to Bruce Almighty, currently called Evan Almighty. The plot involves Carell having to build an ark because of a coming flood.


We can understand why Carell's (idiotic) handlers might think this is a good move, since Bruce has been cited by some (morons) as Stevie's "breakthrough" role. Our carefully crafted retort to that argument is "what-fucking-ever, dude." We can only hope that this project (which both Jim Carrey and Jennifer Aniston have passed on-- not that that's any indication of the project's quality!), will have a development so hellish it'll die in the water. Or if things keep going the way they are out here in H'wood, maybe we just will, aided by our trusty bathtub and hair-crimper. That's right bitches, we still rock crimped hair. Don't be mad cuz you don't gotz our flava!

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