08 December 2005

Breaking Up Is the New Adopting an AIDS Orphan

So, first we hear about the heartbreaking end of Paris and Paris. Then, Nick and Jessica. Then, Britney and K Fed. Then, as soon as we take a moment to come to terms with our intense self-loathing over the fact that we refer to these people on a first name basis, we get the news that Nicole and AM are over.

Oh, cruel fate! Why must the beautiful and eating disordered suffer like us of average looks and build? Is is because they dared to soar too close to the sun? Okay, that doesn't really make sense, but it sounded so nice and dramatic. We will admit we're slightly more surprised by this breakup than any of the aforementioned ones, but only because we'd figure Nicole would follow through with at least six months of marriage, just to stick it to Paris. Ah well. Que sera, sera, or some bullshit.

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