16 December 2005

Foxy Brown Is Mad Def Deaf, Yo!

Foxy Brown (the rapper, not the blacksploitation movie icon) is almost totally deaf, which she first discovered while recording her new album Black Roses. During a visit to the studio, Jigga wanted to know why the levels were "exploding loud." But to Foxy, they sounded fine, and her hearing has continued to deteriorate after that incident.

For example, recently, when H-to-tha-iz-O was like, "You look like a whore," Foxy continued dressing and acting like a whore like she always does, so she obviously didn't hear shit. At this point, she's reading lips. She's pretty good with understanding and responding to familiar phrases like "I'll give you some doughnuts if you let me teabag you. Glazed. No, not the doughnuts. My balls." She has a lot more difficulty with phrases that are new and complicated for her, like "You're a dirty bitch," or "Put some goddamn clothes on."

Luckily, Foxy's a "strong candidate" for some restorative surgery that she's set to have in January; but, in the meantime, she's been pacing her raps with the aid of someone tapping the beat on her shoulder. This method is sure to produce some Keller tracks on her new album. Get it? "Keller" tracks? Helen "Keller"? God, we're good. And by "good" we mean "self-loathing."

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