09 December 2005

Worst. Post. Ever. This Week.

It's just one of those days where we can't really find anything in the news to talk about. Hell, our first post only made the cut because it was such a nice segue from yesterday's news. Hey, speaking of yesterday's news, here's something we read yesterday that wasn't exciting enough to make the cut then, but tripled in value when set amidst the wasteland of today's gossip over K Fed's new truck. You see, in the wild n' crazy world of blogging, yesterday's trash is today's not-quite-trash. This is what happens when the designation for an activity isn't even a real word.

Enough filibustering. We've already managed to stretch a day-old IMDb blurb that was three sentences into a post of respectable length, although not of respectable content. Did we say "enough filibustering" already? Okay, well, we really mean it, now. Seriously. Starting nnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnow...

Darren Aronofsky is using his Hollywood clout to demand he be allowed to direct an episode of Lost. If you don't know who Aronofsky is, go fuck yourself go hang out with a couple of film school students for about ten minutes. We would be more excited about this, but we sort of...don't watch Lost. Okay, okay. We did force ourselves to watch a couple of episodes the first season because of all the hype, and they were vaguely compelling. But, they weren't compelling enough for us to start giving a shit about that show in earnest. Basically, our reaction was "Alright. That was kind of good. Now we never need to watch it again."

How did this turn into LTNA's review of Lost? Whatever. The point is, this news is interesting enough that we'll delude ourselves into thinking this episode of the show will be so obviously Aronofsky, and not-at-all homogenized in order to maintain the Lost aesthetic, that it will be worth both our time and TiVo space. It's set to air in May, and will likely be the season finale, like CSI did with Tarantino this year (coincidentally, the only episode of CSI we've ever watched). This will be the ultimate test of our ability to suspend our disbelief, because we'll be disbelieving that Lost kind of sucks for up to an hour. Maybe he'll sneak in just one little heroin overdose. That'd be kind of worth it.

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Anonymous said...

Check out Aronofsky's new film "The Fountain". The trailer is all over the net and it looks tight. Brad Pitt was originally suppose to play Hugh Jackman's part but was fired for creative differance w/ Aronofsky which is great for gossip posts like this one. I think Aronofsky slept with Angelina Jolie, but that is just speculation.

-G. Lewis