07 December 2005

Shoo, Shoo, Retarded Flu!

That lede up there is more than a semi-obscure Howard Stern reference. Rather, it echoes our very own sentiment over the last few days, as we fell ill to the flu sometime on Friday. We knew we shouldn't have partied with all those birds Friday night, but we can't say "no" to six handles of call-brand spirits.

On the plus side, we got to miss two days of work this week. On the minus side, we've spent the last four days chugging Dayquil and Nyquil as appropriate, and reminiscing tearfully over our college days of doing that for recreation, rather than out of necessity. Nevertheless, we return to you, our head and body aches subsided enough to drag ourselves to the keyboard and resume our half-assed posting of third-hand news. We flatter ourselves in thinking anyone noticed our absence; but we sure did miss you, butternuts.


Anonymous said...

I missed your witty quips LTNA. It is the only thing that gets me through my boring work day, thanks for comin back w/ the useless news. Now I will be able to join in conversations w/ my co-workers, and make them think I am clever and sassy, oops I mean savy.

G. Lewis

LTNA said...

We both know none of your co-workers talk to you, Lewis.

Anonymous said...

well why don't you just fuck your self w/ a rusty dildo, you cucumber sucking daughter of a bitch.

-G. Lewis