14 December 2005

BREAKING: Wikipedia Probably Not the Best Source to Cite in Your Doctorate Thesis

Due to a recent fraudulent entry on Wikipedia which linked former USA Today Editor John Seigenthaler with both Kennedy assassinations, the People in Charge at the online encyclopedia have been forced to state the obvious: Namely, that it's not really a wise idea to take information completely seriously when it's gotten from a site written, often anonymously, by any dickhead with a modem. You know, like this one.

Don't get us wrong-- we use The Pedia (that's the street name) fairly often, and have even linked to it here on LTNA on a few of our more-obscure-than-usual references. But our endorsement of Wikipedia is the ultimate testament to the type of behavior any self-respecting individual should avoid. Wikipedia, and for that matter any resource containing an extensive entry on Trapped in the Closet, is just not the type of source real grown-ups cite in their research. It's a good thing blogs don't have to be bothered with these pesky things like "sources with merit." In fact, we're off to The Pedia to read more about the subtle art of the donkey punch for our next post. Toodles!

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