07 December 2005

Mel Gibson Keeping Things Light

Now that people are pretty much over the whole Passion thing, Mel Gibson is setting out to prove wrong all the naysayers who called him an anti-Semite. He's planning a miniseries based on the story of some real Holocaust survivors.

Actually, this doesn't really bode well, at all. If anything, this miniseries may, very well, prove all the naysayers right. After all, Gibson has never abjured his father's denial of the Holocaust, let alone his own. We can already see Gibson grilling some poor aging Jews over "what really happened," demanding they admit that Birkenau was just a "very exclusive fitness camp." Mel probably thinks this miniseries is the ultimate PR gesture, his way of saying "Okay, maybe it kind of happened, but let's not talk about such unpleasantries in front of Dad."

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