01 December 2005

So, When Do They Go to the Wizard School?

Admit it. You've missed our "Google News does something wacky" bits. In any case, when we first read this lede, we took it completely literally. You can imagine the ensuing excitement. It was only when we read further that we discovered, much to our chagrin, that it will be the movies themselves doing the proverbial dueling, rather than rival popes, you know, actually dueling in a series of movies. We're not to proud to admit we'd imagined horses and wands would be involved.

Still, we cannot ignore the fact that Fox News has pitched the blockbuster hit of 2006, inadvertently. Can you imagine how awesome an action/adventure pope movie would be? We're starting to hyperventilate just thinking about it. Fox would be stupid not to make this gem. Someone call Peter Jackson to direct. We couldn't get past the first installment of that Lord of the Rings crap, but this is truly movie magic in the making!

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