13 December 2005

"Most Expensive Piece of Ass I Ever Had"

One couple's attempt to join the Mile High Club went completely awry, after their alcohol-fueled monkey sex was so loud the flight staff had to break things up and send them back to their seats.

The tale continues, however. The couple, still totally shitfaced, decided to pick a fight with the staff for hatin' on their lovin'. The pissed/ pissed-off couple got so out of hand the plane's captain had to make an emergency landing in Bermuda. The couple may have to pay the $58,950 it cost to divert the plane, and they never even got to go to Jamaica, mon!

In a related story, LTNA has come into some legal trouble recently, and would appreciate it if any of our loyal readers could reach into their hearts, and more importantly their pockets to help out. We need to raise about 60 Gs, so dig deep, people. We accept jewels, doubloons, checks made out to "Cash" and anything else that we can fence. And if anyone knows a good lawyer for "air rage" cases, holla.

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