15 December 2005

Kanye West Is Modest

Many of us remember Kanye West's outburst the last time he was "shunned" at the Grammys, and didn't sweep the awards with College Dropout. We couldn't really indentify with his anger, since everyone knows the Grammys are total crap. Seriously, who the hell watches the Grammys?

Well anyway, this year Kanye's up for even more noms with Late Registration, and
is already saying this album will go down in the history books, adding that "10 years from now they'll look back at what [Late Registration] did for the game." Then he goes on to talk about how they waited a whole two weeks(!) for some harpsichord that they used on "Diamonds (from Sierra Leone)," and that's why he deserves to win every category for which he is nominated.

Now, we enjoy the Kanye West as much as the next jerk, but there's something to be said for humility. If he does manage to sweep this year, one can only wonder what sort of stunts the next crop of albums will have to pull, just to compete. Perhaps when Jay-Z comes out of retirement (you know it's going to happen), he'll release a third version of The Black Album with only the accompaniment of a theremin, sitar and dulcimer trio. Pharell set to produce.

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