14 December 2005

In Xanadu, Everyone Drives a K Fed

Somethin's weird about this K-Fed's ride. Hmmmm... Maybe a closer look will tell us more.

Ah ha! That's no Ferrari! It's a Federline!

No, not really. Unfortunately, this photo is just a close-up of one of the personal touches K Fed has had added to his Ferrari. Sadly, K Fed isn't producing his own line of Italian sports cars for the public (i.e., LTNA) to enjoy. Yet. We'll go on dreaming of what could be, dreaming of the day we can cruise over to Roscoe's in a 2007 Federline Spyder with the factory installed stereo that only plays the "Y'all Ain't Ready" cassingle ad infinitum.

Yeah. Cassingle. We said it.

[Photos ganked from Hollywood Rag.]

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