15 November 2005

Actually, We Always Thought Cowboys Were Kind of Gay...

Twinks are all atwitter with the impending release of Bareback Brokeback Mountain, Ang Lee's "gay cowboy movie" starring Heath Ledger and Jake Gyllenhaal. The buzz the film generated at Sundance has many thinking this is the movie that will defy the curse of the mainstream gay love story-- the same curse that prevented 20th Century Fox from taking the gamble of casting Paul Lynde opposite Cary Grant in An Affair to Remember, leaving us to wonder what could have been to this very day. (Too obscure?)

But, we digress. Many speculate Brokeback will do for the gay love story what Alexander didn't, and obscure indie movies like Edge of Seventeen couldn't. It is set for a limited holiday release, and will expand wider in January (ugh...poor choice of words). We're not particularly psyched to see Jakey make out with that guy from 10 Things I Hate about This Movie, but after seeing that clip of Jarhead with Jake dancing around with that Santa's hat on his junk, well, we figure Brokeback can't get much gayer than that.

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