22 November 2005

BREAKING: Neglect and Abuse Fuck Your Kids Up

These scientists went through this whole extensive study to learn that when kids aren't cuddled and given attention from their parental figures at an early stage, they turn out to be fucked up adults. To make the study even more ludacris ludicrous, they compared kids who had been raised by their biological parents to orphans who had been emotionally deprived their entire lives. Russian orphans.

So, just to get this straight, not only did the scientists pick kids in a situation that even Roman Polanski agrees is devastating, but they picked orphans from the one country known mostly for suffering, alcoholism and recently, abortions. We're beginning to think we're pursuing the wrong field, entirely. If being a scientist just means wearing those awesome lab coats and taking months to make completely obvious "discoveries," then we're in. Plus, they get to hang out with monkeys.

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Anonymous said...

I would be so pumped coming home from work knowing that somewhere in my house, there's a monkey that I have to battle.