16 November 2005

Binaca to Introduce New "Stoned" Flavour

Doctors in the UK will soon be able to prescribe cannabis mouth spray as treatment for MS, imported from Canadia, where it's already legal. Incidentally, we've experienced the glory of honey hash mouth spray a few times before (good Lord we miss college!), and if what the Canadans are are shipping over there is anything like that, those limey fucks should be stoked.

We're pretty jealous of all the people with MS in England right about now, although we can't help but feel like there's some downside to that situation that we're not grasping... Well, we hear it gets pretty cold in England, sometimes. Hmmm. If that means the only option is moving up north to America 2, we'll just have to keep getting stoned the old fashioned way.


Anonymous said...

New on the to do list; find weed spray. My dealer Slippery Steve is going to have to do some investigating.

-G. Lewis

LTNA said...

I thought you nicknamed your penis "Slippery Steve."

No, no. None of this adds up at all.

Anonymous said...

Please, my penis is nicknamed Kilamanjaro, all the other hookers remember.

G. Lewis