08 November 2005

Yahoo Finally Does Something Worthwhile

Yahoo and TiVo have been giving each other handies under the table while none of us were looking (okay, okay, we were looking, but you can't deny that that shit is H-O-T!), and have forged a deal that will create new possibilities in the realm of awesome. See, many of us have been wondering for ages why there wasn't some way to program your TiVo to record programs through magic of the internet. Well, with this new partnership, you'll finally be able to. Also, users will be able to view photos and such, that have been stored on Yahoo, plus do a bunch of other stuff we can't be bothered to think of. Sorry, but we're just way too stoked to think we won't have to wait until we get home to tell precious little TiVo to tape a Red Shoe Diaries marathon, ever again.

We're kidding, of course! As if we'd ever watch Showtime.

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