01 November 2005

Coincidentally, Vanity Fair Works Great When You Can't Find a Mirror

Cocaine Kate's comeback is well under way, as she's scored-- erm, so to speak, a Vanity Fair cover fresh out of rehab. We guess the old adage is true: "Consequences are for nobodies." We're pretty sure that was Confucius, btw.

Still, it's nice to know that, as long as you're famous or at least wealthy and connected, you can choke your coach, kill your wife and/or her boyfriend, fuck a bunch of prostitutes and/or kill them, start a war in a Middle Eastern country under false pretenses and/or do a fuckload of coke-- and you'll be totally fine! Hell, you could probably even be President, as long as you do less than three of those things (or arrange it so people don't know any better)! Yes, you can do all of these things and face no consequences whatsoever, as long as you have money. Only in America, friends! ...Oh, and apparently London too, "mates."

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