04 November 2005

Watchertitties & Twitch

Abercrombie & Fitch's latest controversy isn't about "seeming kinda gay." (For the record, there's no "seeming kinda" about it.) Rather, they have a new line of women's t-shirts with phrases that call attention to their tig ol' bitties, including "Who needs brains when you have these?" "I had a nightmare I was a brunette," and "Available for parties."

Some prude high school chicks are staging a boycott of A&F in reaction to the shirts, since they have absolutely no sense of humor and feel the shirts degrade women. To give their cause the utmost credibility, they're calling it a "girlcott." We find the pun delightful, and it doesn't make us want to shake the shit out of those bitches at all.

Now, we don't ever shop at Fitch because every time we try to go in that store it makes our skin burn. You could even say that we've been staging a life-long "girlcott" (you have no idea how hard it is to get our fingers to type those letters each time), against dressing like a sorostitute clone, and therefore refuse to shop there. However, considering these t-shirts are made for, marketed toward and ultimately purchased by women, we fail to see how they are anything more than mildly amusing to the idiots shopping at that store in the first place. And, next time these chicks decide to stage a protest meant to empower women, we hope they're smart enough to avoid terming themselves something as diminutive as "girls." How about an "uptight-vapid-tramp-cott," instead? Kinda has a ring to it.


Lesley Erin said...

i sort of want that brunette shirt. cause i mean its true...i have had nightmares wherein i was a...brunette.

LTNA said...

Same here. Every day. Except I'm not sleeping.