03 November 2005

The Simpsons Continues to Rely on Esoteric Celebrities' Cameos to Carry Poorly Written Scripts

Tom Wolfe took a quick break from his electric Kool-Aid acid testing to record some voice work for an upcoming appearance on The Simpsons. Wolfe says The Simpsons is the only show he watches, adding "I feel like I finally made it."

Despite The Simpsons' shittiness of the past, oh, six or so seasons*, we have to agree doing a voice for it is up there with our life aspirations, right along with being the person to say "Live from New York it's Saturday Night!" just once (even though SNL is currently in a suck phase, as well). Curse the necessity of securing "cultural relevance" and not being "universally hated" before being awarded such opportunities!

*We will go to the mat with anyone who tries to argue that The Simpsons is "as good as it's ever been." If you think that, then you're out of your element and you're a fucking idiot. Talk to us after you've watched seasons 3-8 again.

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