14 November 2005

Talking about This Makes Us Part of the Problem

It just keeps getting creepier. Perhaps, in an attempt to squelch rumors that part of Kate's deal (and furthermore to squelch rumors that there even is any "deal"), the TomKat juggernaut has dispatched the newest update to this match made in the Scientology Celebrity Center-- or as we uncleared thetan-riddled plebes would say, "heaven."

Brace yourself: Kate is quitting acting to be a stay at home mom and wife. "She and Tom have decided it is best," according to "friends." Do we really need to make a brainwashing/ cult joke here for you to realize the inherent insanity of this entire situation? Great, thanks.

We have intense doubts that Kate is so daft as to really give up acting at only 26, but we're so exhausted of this whole thing we're beginning to sort of...not...care. We're starting to not care so much that we don't even really want to talk about it any more. It's like that old Aesop's fable, "The Crackhead and the Car." When a crackhead throws up on your car the first time, you want to tell everyone about it, because it's just so crazy. When it happens a second time, most would agree that it becomes even crazier! But then, when it just keeps happening, you have to realize that it's never going to stop until you start pretending you don't notice there's a crackhead who keeps vomiting on your car.

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