03 November 2005

Is It News When an Old Man Passes out on a Toilet?

This old dude is suing Home Depot because he was glued to one of their toilet seats. Evidently, some wild hooligan (okay, it was us) smeared the seat with glue, and this guy became the mark. The store management thought the guy was kidding when he was yelling for help, so they just left him there for a while. After fifteen or so minutes, they finally realized he was being serious, and had to wheel him out still attached to the seat. To make matters even more embarrassing, the guy passed out when they were wheeling him out of the store.

It's kind of weird to think that you can sue someone because you're mad that you were made to look like a complete douche in public. If he wins this, does that mean we can sue British Knights for our childhood?

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