18 November 2005

Apple May or May Not Do Something Next Year

There's been a lot of discussion regarding Apple's plans to release a model with an Intel processor. Now, it seems that their first experiment with this may be as early as January, with Apple possibly announcing the first iBook featuring Intel technology. However, if we've learned anything from the Nano, and from our experience any first generation Apple product for that matter, the iNtel notebook is sure to be fraught with bugs and glitches. We've found waiting for the second or third round is always a good idea with Macs.

There's also a lot of speculation over what the price and processor speed will be for the first model, but some are saying this model could give Apple an opportunity to compete with the more affordable entry level PeeC computers, which currently run as low as $400. We've always believed you get what you pay for. It seems Apple agrees, and as thier cheapest iBook costs a G, you can imagine their response to the suggestion they slum it with the likes of Dell:

"Fuck that shit. Dell's a stank danish trick. You try to stiff me five hun'ned on my merchandise, I shank yo' ass, shake the shit outta you until my money falls out and put you on my track. Better recognize."

Apple does have a point. It is so worth paying double the price of a comparable model for your computer to look adorable.

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