16 November 2005

Taking a Few Cheap Shots at the Bronx

Matt Damon has been wrestling wearing only a flesh colored thong with 5 other totally naked guys, and they all get squirted with peepee when they're doing it. Here's where it gets weird: They've been doing this in the Bronx!

But, seriously folks, this is part of some frat initiation scene Damon is shooting. At least, that's what they say in the article. Funny, though. We thought most "fraternity initiation," "plumber house call" and "pizza delivery" scenes were shot in the Valley, not the Bronx. It's also funny that Matt Damon is getting paid millions of dollars to do this, when most Bronx residents do it for free. ZING!

[Source: Wow Report via A Socialite's Life]

UPDATE: Thanks to a tip in the comments section from a blogebrity we love as much as we hate saying "blogebrity," we've learned the link is broken. Just so youse know, you're not missing much. The article doesn't have any photos of Damon's tomfoolery, just the description we summarized above, sans the Bronx zingers.

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Assistant Atlas said...

Hey, just so ya know, that link is broken. Not that I really wanted to see Matt Damon in a thong or with naked guys or anything, I just. . . I am so gay.